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Why Study in UK?

The United Kingdom is a leading destination for international students that attracts a global pool of applicants every year. A high quality education in the UK will expose you to different cultures and experiences while preparing you for a world class career ahead. Whatever your interests, the UK has something to offer you.

Leader in International Education

According to the QS World University Rankings (2019), four of the top ten universities in the world are in the UK. As a student in UK, you will have the opportunity to graduate from one of the best education systems in the world!

Excellent International Reputation

British qualifications are recognised globally and valued by employers and academics across the world. The UK is well respected for excellent standards of teaching and renowned for world class research.

Value for Money

UK undergraduate study offers fantastic value for money and priceless experiences. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK are generally much shorter than elsewhere, which translates to less tuition and living costs. Most undergraduate courses take three years to complete, although in Scotland it takes typically four years. A postgraduate Masters course will normally only take 1 year, whereas a PhD will require three or four years of study. Furthermore, as an international student, you can work as well as study. If you are studying at a degree level or above, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week during each semester, with no limit during vacation periods. This can help you earn extra income to support your studies and also gain valuable work experience. You will also have access to free health care on the National Health Service.

Improve your English Skills

By studying and living in the UK, you will be immersed in the language and have the opportunity to perfect your English communication skills. Practise your English language skills every day, in shops and cafés and while you’re out with your English-speaking friends, as well as in seminars and discussion groups on your course.

Required Documents:

  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • Scanned copies (original) of all educational Certificates & Marksheets
  • Scanned copies (original) of Two Academic Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Job experience letter (if required)
  • English language test scores (if applicable)
  • Other supporting documents (if available, e.g extracurricular activities)