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Study in Turkey

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Why Study in Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey has risen in popularity and become a premier destination for international students. Turkey has a lot to offer including high quality education and a very multicultural population, lively cities and beautiful landscapes, artistic, cultural and sportive events. Living and studying in Turkey will definitely inspire you and change your perspectives permanently.

Quality Education

Study programs in Turkey offer a plethora of options to international students with plenty of schools, programs and locations. At the same time, Turkey offers an opportunity to experience both modernity and tradition simultaneously in one of the safest and most stable countries in the region.

There are now around 170 colleges and universities across the country, which offer students a rich field of educational choices. Language studies are very popular among international students. Although, there is a variety of English-language programs offered in a number of other subjects. Some Turkish universities use English as the medium of teaching while others offer at least the opportunity to learn English. Above all, the high quality of education will prepare students for a successful future anywhere in the world.

Multicultural Diversity

Turkey is a bridge between the Eastern and the Western cultures. Additionally, with its close proximity to Africa too, it is a cultural melting pot where people of all cultures and faiths can feel at home. Living in Turkey will also expose students to delicious Turkish cuisine which is a mouthwatering fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

Work Opportunities

International students graduating from Turkish universities have a variety of options including, pursuing a graduate degree, returning back to home with a widely accepted and globally recognized diploma or finding a job in and out of Turkey. In addition, international students are able to work part-time on campus while studying to offset living costs and gain valuable experience. Turkey is advancing towards becoming a world leader with growing economy.

The number of global brands doing business in Turkey and working together with Turkish brands is increasing. International students may even secure an opportunity to work in one of these international companies and pave a path towards a successful future.

Required Documents:

  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • Scanned copies (original) of all educational Certificates & Marksheets
  • Scanned copies (original) of Two Academic Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Job experience letter (if required)
  • English language test scores (if applicable)
  • Other supporting documents (if available, e.g extracurricular activities)