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Why Study in Europe?

It is no secret that Europe has an excellent reputation for providing quality education at an affordable price. Every year millions of students choose to study in Europe as there is a wide variety of courses and universities to choose from and many opportunities for rich and meaningful expediences. See below for more information on three European countries and the benefits of studying there.


Cyprus is a beautiful island nation known for its beautiful beaches. Not only it is a great tourist destination, but its safe and friendly environment makes it a great candidate for students considering international education. Living, eating and transportation costs are also cheaper in Cyprus compared to other European nations. Student visa process is also much easier with no built-in IELTS requirement.

Student Visa Requirements:

Copies of the relevant pages of the International Passport (Data and Extension Pages) with at least 6 months validity on Passport Duly filled Visa Application form Two passport size photographs Admission/Acceptance Letter by the University. Payment receipts of school fees from the University. Confirmation letter from the school acknowledging receipt of payment. Proof of basic education, copies of graduation diploma and certificates (W.A.S.C., NECO, S.S.C.E., Statement of Result, etc.) duly signed and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thereafter, Proof of BA education, copy of university graduation diploma duly signed and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thereafter.(For master students) Guarantee letter signed by the sponsor and the student, stating that the sponsor will cover all the expenses of the student, and the student will never apply to any person or institution (including university) for financial support or scholarship, certified by a public notary. Original “Personal” bank statement for the last three months of the sponsor together with original approval/reference letter from the bank branch manager. Consent letter from the parents if you are less than 18 years old. (Sealed by notary or court.) Flight reservation. Sponsor's ID, photocopy of sponsor's National ID Card or International Passport or Driver's License Vaccination Card for yellow fever and typhoid diseases


Students dreaming of studying abroad in Europe tend to focus on popular destinations like the UK, Ireland, France and Turkey. No doubt, these are all excellent choices but there are many other European nations that have a lot to offer to international students. One such nation is Lithuania, a beautiful country located on the coast of Baltic sea. Lithuania has a rich culture, low cost of living and quality education, which makes it an ideal study abroad destination. Lithuania is in the heart of Europe and due to its unique location, has been enjoying rapid economic growth and innovation in recent years.

Student Visa Requirements:

  • Completed Electronic Visa Application Form, 1 recent passport photo 35×45 colorful, with white background.
  • A valid travel document – passport (its period of validity must exceed the validity period of the requested visa by at least six months). A confirmed Air ticket reservation.
  • To study in Lithuania, required valid health insurance, covering the duration of stay, and its copy. The amount of medical insurance coverage – LTL 20 000 (EUR 5792,40). Registration certificate of the scholastic institution in Lithuania.
  • Means of subsistence ( 150 EUR for every month of planned stay) in the Republic of Lithuania (minimum last 3 months original bank account statements/ pay slips etc.; in case of sponsorship – Affidavit of Sponsorship from parents/relatives and their bank account statements for minimum 3 months).


Malta is a small island nation in Europe bordered by Italy and Tunisia. Despite its small size, it is a very densely populated country rich with culture and history. English is widely spoken in Malta and thus many universities offer study programs in English making it easier for international students. It is one of the safest countries in Europe and enjoys a low cost of living.

Student Visa Requirements:

  • Original, plus one copy of information page of signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay in Malta, issued within the last ten years and with at least two blank passport pages available for a Malta student visa.
  • Malta Visa Application Form Two recent, identical, 2 x 2 passport photographs, in color, front view and with a plain/light background.
  • Student Status Letter from your university faculty, and one copy.
  • Two copies of computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency or copy of airline tickets showing round trip travel to Malta and onward flight.
  • Original and one copy of proof of travel/medical insurance to cover the duration of your visit. The insurance company will provide you with a certificate to include in your application.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds (minimum 48 Euros per day) to support stay in Malta, such as most recent bank statement or international credit card statement.